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Vibration sensor,tilt sensor,hall sensor,reed switch

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Dongguan Beelee Electronics Co.,Ltd.

      Dongguan Beelee Electronics Co.,Ltd. founded in 2004 . Professional commitment to R & D vibration switch, ball switch, vibration sensor, optical protection switch, anti-dumping switches, push button switches, toggle switches, micro-switches, touch switches, USB connectors and other electronic components. The company is well-known Chinese enterprises integrity switch industry. Now the factory located in Dongguan, Guangdong, Jiang Su Bajiaowo estate community, plant a beautiful environment, and employs more than 200 people, with dust-free automatic production line 8, Nissan switch up to 1.2 million. Braun products are widely used in household appliances, equipment, security equipment, automobiles, electronic toys and other products, well-known customers: VTech, US manufacturers taiga workers, in the Swiss GPS, Hall Museveni, Hasbro, America's control version of the plant, McDonald's toys, processors, etc., the majority of customers agree. Product sales to Europe, USA, Canada, South Korea, Japan and around the world.


Beelee is the relentless pursuit of innovation and development of electronic, Braun electronics have invested significant resources to develop new products every year, new technology to provide customers with better products and services to reduce customer costs, improve customer performance. To meet the specific requirements of customers, Braun provide customized services, research and development personnel according to customer requirements and design, tooling, research and development of new functional switching element products to meet customer requirements.


Dongguan Beelee electronic product quality as the life, production of high-quality electronic Braun qualified products are the most important responsibility. The company passed the ISO9001 quality system certification. Never feed control, first-article inspection, process monitoring, shipment testing, life testing, quality testing every aspect, we have high standards testing. In order to ensure products reach customers is absolutely qualified products.

Dongguan Braun strict control of environmental requirements, all materials were sent to environmental certification testing. Ordering materials are made for each batch ROHS analysis to ensure that all materials up to ROHS and REACH and other EU standards.


Customer first, sincere service is Braun constant values. Providing customers with attentive, caring, professional service and qualified products, creating value for customers, employees pursue every Braun. In communication with the customer, Braun to actively participate in customer product development work which, as early as possible into the functional requirements of the customer's product areas, to help customers analyze and solve problems that may be encountered in the product, and made good suggestions to help customers with the best mode styling products, reducing post-production quality problems encountered unnecessary, and thus facilitate customers to create better efficiency.


Dongguan Beelee Electronics Co.,Ltd will continue to innovate, invest more resources in electronic components, research and development to produce more quality products and sincere service to our customers. Look forward to your call, visit! Mail: dgbailin@126.com, business phone 0769-22176561,18607698800


Beelee advantages:
1 16 years of switching elements to provide you with free expert technical advisory services and cost savings.
2 Provide product development and customization services.
3 Quality first, substandard products for free returns.
4 Professional ROHS detector, incoming are doing environmental testing.
5 Free samples
6 Fast delivery, standard day shipping.

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Vibration sensor,tilt sensor,hall sensor,reed switch

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