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BL-1350 Angle switch

BL-1350 Single directional photoelectric tilt switch■FeaturesTilt detectionAngle detectionOmnidirectional tilt detectionIntelligent angle on■Simple1.BL-1350 unidirectional angle tilt sensor switc

  • Model: BL-1350

BL-1350 Single directional photoelectric tilt switch


Tilt detection

Angle detection

Omnidirectional tilt detection

Intelligent angle on


1.BL-1350 unidirectional angle tilt sensor switch.

2. The product is in the ON state when it is at rest. When the switch is tilted to the desired angle of the switch, the switch is switched to the non-conducting (OFF) state. The switch is turned "ON" when the switch returns to the default position.

3. This specification is a completely sealed package that is waterproof and dustproof.

4. The switch is assembled with environmentally friendly materials and passed ROSH certification.

Vibration sensor,tilt sensor,hall sensor,reed switch

Vibration sensor,tilt sensor,hall sensor,reed switchVibration sensor,tilt sensor,hall sensor,reed switch

01.This product can omni 360  degree tilt detecting .

02.When the products is upright ,  the output is high level .  

03.When the products tilt to any direction and more than 20?0 degree ,  output is the low level .

04.This switch output can trigger MCU ,  I / O control circuit.