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The difference between air and surface disinfection

2020-07-03 08:43:18 Beelee

The difference between air and surface disinfection

1. Air disinfection: Ozone has a significant killing effect on microorganisms in the air.  20mg/m3 concentration of ozone is used for 30 minutes, and the killing rate of natural bacteria reaches more than 90%. The disinfection of air with ozone must be carried out in a closed space and no one is in the room. After disinfection, it must be at least 30 minutes before entering. It can be used for air disinfection in operating rooms, wards, factory aseptic workshops and other places.


2. Surface disinfection: disinfection with ozone gas, ozone has a killing effect on the microorganisms contaminated on the surface of the article, but the effect is slow, generally requires 60mg/m3, relative humidity ≥70%, the effect can be achieved only after 60min~120min.

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