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  • Knowledge of tilt switch

    There are a variety of applications for Tilt Switch, e.g. Automatic power-off for smart home appliances like heaters or irons, screen rotation for monitors, anti-theft system, auto-awake system for power-saving, etc. Any kind of application which needs tilt detection is suitable.

    2022/08/03 bailing 1

  • Application of Angle Switch in the Field of Sterilization Lamp

    UV sterilization lamp, also known as ultraviolet sterilization lamp, UV is the abbreviation of Ultraviolet rays. The principle of ultraviolet germicidal lamp is the same as that of fluorescent lamp. I

    2021/05/25 bailing 30

  • How to use the ball switch more stable

    Many electronic products currently use ball switches. Generally speaking, the usage is as follows1. Used as a shaking switch: The switch itself is directional. When the product shakes, the ball rolls

    2021/05/25 bailing 52

  • Analysis of the blistering problem of the touch switch during use

    The main material of this switch is our LCP material. Every time our material supplier receives materials, we will have a process before injection molding on the machine. This process is to dry our pl

    2021/05/25 bailing 20

  • Bailing teaches you how to test the service life of the tact switch

    or a switch button, if the company or factory has a large degree of machine experience, the number of times a touch switch can be pressed can reach hundreds of times in a day. So for the long-term sit

    2021/05/25 bailing 16

  • The difference between ball switch and spring switch

    The definition of a vibration switch: it is called a vibration sensor, which is an electronic switch that senses the magnitude of the vibration force, transmits the sensing result to the circuit devic

    2020/11/12 bailing 143

  • What is the difference between a ball switch and a vibration switch?

    What is the difference between a ball switch and a vibration switch? To put it simply, just like turning on or turning off a light, the light will turn on when the switch touches the metal plate insid

    2020/11/07 bailing 107

  • What is the detection method of photoelectric switch?

    What is the detection method of the photoelectric switch of the vibration switch manufacturer? According to the detection method, photoelectric switches can be divided into diffusion type, relative ty

    2020/11/05 bailing 14

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