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How to use the ball switch more stable

2021-05-25 14:48:45 bailing

Many electronic products currently use ball switches. Generally speaking, the usage is as follows

1. Used as a shaking switch: The switch itself is directional. When the product shakes, the ball rolls back and forth in the tube to generate a switch signal, thereby triggering the circuit. No matter how the switch is placed in the normally open or normally open state, the product does not trigger. This method of use does not require very high switches,

2. Used as an alarm switch: the vibration switch is in the normally closed or normally open state. When subjected to vibration, the ball will be slightly bounced in the tube, which will generate a flashing signal and trigger the product action. When used in this way, the sensitivity is quite high, and there are many anti-theft products used, but the IC should be set accordingly to avoid being too sensitive and causing false triggering.

3. Application of sense of angle change: This method of use requires a higher switch. Generally, it is required that the product is tilted 45 degrees in one direction to trigger the action, and some customers make it always open when using the ball switch, and turn it in the other direction. When it is tilted, it is disconnected to cause a trigger action. This kind of assembly is the most undesirable because the ball switch is not as stable as a mercury switch in contact and conduction in the normally-on state. It will flash off due to factors such as movement and thunder, which may cause false triggering. When installing, the switch should be in the off state, and the tilted conduction will trigger the action. In this way, the switch product will appear more stable and have a longer service life.