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Analysis of the blistering problem of the touch switch during use

2021-05-25 13:51:27 bailing

The main material of this switch is our LCP material. Every time our material supplier receives materials, we will have a process before injection molding on the machine. This process is to dry our plastic materials, which is what the industry says Of quenching. So what is the main purpose of quenching? The purpose of quenching is to dry our plastic material itself with moisture and moisture, and use our plastic material to achieve a drying effect. After quenching, our next step is our injection molding process, and then our products will be assembled, inspected and packaged for shipment.

After so many processes, why does our tact switch bubbling abnormally after the furnace? Let’s take a look at the photo on our left. The blistering of our switch is quite serious. In fact, the problem is that It is also very simple. Our SMD process will produce high temperature. The LCP material itself is a high-temperature resistant product, and it is also a material that is very compatible with the SMD process. The problem lies in our quenching process. Our plastic materials are being quenched. At that time, if the material is not completely dried, our plastic material will carry a certain amount of damp moisture in it to be carried out to the next process. It is difficult for us to find that it will foam without high-temperature operations. So we will have a PCB experiment in the inspection step.