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Bailing teaches you how to test the service life of the tact switch

2021-05-25 13:48:09 bailing

or a switch button, if the company or factory has a large degree of machine experience, the number of times a touch switch can be pressed can reach hundreds of times in a day. So for the long-term situation, we should pay more attention to the life of the tact switch, learn how to test the life of the tact switch and lighten its working principle.


  The light touch switch realizes on-off by pressing the handle to press the internal hardware shrapnel. This pressing process is called the stroke, which is the distance between the shrapnel and the shot point. The second hand pressed is called the lifespan, and the current life standard of this switch is 10W times. We often say that the biggest key to the life of a switch is its shrapnel. The material and precision of the shrapnel is one of the important factors that affect the life span, and it is also an important factor that affects the feel. So is our lifespan judged based on the quality of the shrapnel? Obviously not, our choice of material is only theoretical, and actual use should be based on our test results.

  The standard method and process of life test of touch switch:


   First, we fix the switch on the panel of the machine, and then adjust the weight to set the number of lifespans, and then test the continuity and feel of the switch after the number of lifespans. Life test standard: The weight of the weight is twice the strength of the switch. Press the switch at a frequency of 30-40 times per minute. After the mechanical performance is tested, the electrical performance of the switch will be tested. If the resistance is higher than 30m ohm after the test, it is judged as bad, anyway, it is judged as good; after the life test, it is necessary to test whether the switch can be turned on and pressed, and whether the hand feel is good. A good tact switch manufacturer must undergo a life test for every batch of switches produced to ensure the stability of the switches.


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