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How to distinguish the quality of ball switch, vibration switch and spring switch?

2020-12-09 09:48:01 bailing

1. Material

Vibration switch: The materials used in ball switches and spring switches are excellent in flame retardancy, insulation, impact resistance and moisture resistance, with strong material stability and resistance to discoloration. In addition to using high-grade plastics, the current switch panels are also made of gold-plated, stainless steel, copper and other metal materials, providing people with more and more choices.

  2. Surface treatment.

The surface is smooth, the color is uniform, and the texture is good. It is generally a good product. In addition, the brand logo on the panel should be clear and full, without any burrs on the surface.

  3. Internal structure.

Vibration switch/ball switch Switches usually use pure silver contacts and silver-copper composite materials as conductive bridges, which can prevent oxidation caused by arc when the switch is opened and closed. The conductive bridge of the high-quality panel is made of silver-nickel-copper composite material. The silver material has excellent conductivity, and the silver-nickel alloy has a very strong ability to suppress arcs. This ensures that the switch can be opened and closed more than 80,000 times, far exceeding international regulations. 40,000 times the standard. The switch with brass screw crimping has large contact surface, strong crimping ability and stable and reliable wiring. If it is a single-hole wiring copper post, the wiring capacity is large, and it is not limited by the thickness of the wire, which is very convenient.

  Fourth, conduction performance

Try a switch, a good switch spring is moderately hard and flexible, and has a strong opening and closing transition. It will not happen that the switch button stops at a certain position in the middle and becomes a serious fire hazard. You can also hold a handful of switches, high-quality products will not feel light because of the extensive use of copper and silver metals.


  5. Production process (anti-static measures in dust-free workshop)

Vibration switch/ball switch The switch is often touched, especially the color switch panel. If you choose an unqualified inferior product, it will age and fade over time. If you choose those switches that use materials with anti-ultraviolet properties and spray the baking film process on the frame, the color will not change at all even if it is used for a long time.