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The working principle of the rocker switch is

2020-12-09 09:39:45 bailing

Everyone knows that the ship type switch is derived from the shape of a ship. You may not have much impression of the touch switch, but you must have experienced or used it. Do they work the same? The following is a detailed introduction of Bailing Electronics.

Principle of Rocker Switch

The ship-shaped switch, because it looks like a ship, is called a ship-shaped switch. Its structure is basically the same as that of a toggle switch. It only has a boat-shaped handle. It also has many other names, such as wave power switch, rocker power switch, rocker Switch, IO power switch, main power switch.

First, connect the switching power supply and press and hold the rocker switch. At this time, the crystal diode may be turned on and off, and the car relay will be closed. In addition, the switching power supply will charge the battery of the power capacitor. When the rocker switch is turned off, the power capacitor has already been The battery is charged, so it may be charged and discharged to keep the transistor on and off again, and the car relay will still be closed. After a period of charging and discharging of the power capacitor, when the working voltage of the power capacitor drops to a certain value, the transistor cannot be kept on and off again. , The car relay was released at this time. This whole process is the detailed working principle and whole process of a ship type switch.

Tact switch principle

The light touch switch that everyone is familiar with is attributed to the multi-functional power switch. The ALPS light touch switch is the power switch can be connected by lightly pressing the button switch during application, and the power switch can be turned off when the hand is released. Its internal structure is conducted by the elasticity of metal springs. With the rapid development of power electronic technology, power engineering electronic products are increasingly closely related to everyone’s daily life and work, and electronic products All indispensable and reliable switching power supply. Power transformer is a kind of switching power supply that uses modern power electronic information technology to manipulate the time ratio of power switch transistors on and off, and maintains a stable output voltage. Power transformers are generally composed of pulse width adjustment IC and MOSFET.

Tact switches are switching elements such as capacity conversion sensors or conductive rubber, and rocker switches are power switches that press mechanical equipment contacts hard.