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Do you know the ozone disinfection machine?

2020-07-21 16:19:21 beelee

Do you know the ozone disinfection machine?

Ozone (O₃), also known as super oxygen, is an allotrope of oxygen (O₂).

Ozone has the smell of grass. Inhalation of a small amount is beneficial to the human body, and excessive inhalation is harmful to human health.

At room temperature, it is a kind of light blue gas with a special smell, incombustible and pure. Oxygen can be transformed into ozone by electric shock.

Due to the influence of the new type of coronavirus pneumonia, all parts of the world are also paying great attention. The air is one of the vectors of virus transmission. Therefore, we can use air purifiers to eliminate germs, bacteria and odors in the air. It can be well used in houses, offices, hotels, hospitals and other places. Let us work together to fight the virus and eliminate the virus.

Ozone treatment machine is sold at a special price, fast delivery, and sincere cooperation.

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