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Prohibition of detection switch placement

2020-10-30 08:21:43 bailing

In order to prevent safety accidents and related quality problems of the detection switch, please strictly observe the following matters when using the detection switch.

  1. During welding (including preheating), the operating part (lever) should be in a released state.

2. When using an electric soldering iron to solder the detection switch, the working conditions will change due to the difference in the shape of the head, the power and the thickness of the circuit board. Please fully confirm the soldering heat resistance specifications in advance.

3. Please try to avoid putting pressure on the terminals during testing. Otherwise, electrical and mechanical characteristics may be reduced. Please note.

4. The detection switch is not sealed and cannot be cleaned.

5. When the detection switch is mounted on a through-hole printed circuit board, the influence of the thermal stress of the switch will increase compared with a single-sided circuit board. Please confirm the solder heat resistance specifications in advance.

6. Reflow soldering: When reflow soldering is carried out with a hot air oven or infrared oven, it should be carried out under permitted conditions. In addition, the temperature of the detection switch and terminal is also different due to different types and sizes of circuit boards and missing mounting density. Please prepare well in advance.