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What factors affect the quality of tact switches?

2020-11-04 14:01:22 bailing

As we all know, under the seemingly inconspicuous shape of the touch switch is a huge practical value. When we use the touch switch, we not only experience its excellent conduction performance, convenient control method, etc., but also experience its comfortable button feel. As for the tact switch itself, it has a sophisticated structure, material, craftsmanship, etc., so among the many factors, what affects the overall quality of the tact switch? Let's take a look.

  For tact switches, the material and plating of the shrapnel and contacts are critical. The material and technology of the shrapnel and contacts not only need to consider their electrical performance, but also take into account the issue of their service life. In general, in order to reduce the contact resistance between the shrapnel and the contacts, brass or phosphor copper is often used, and the electroplating is silver-plated. If it is encountered with iron pins, silver plating can isolate the SO2 gas in the air and keep it away from corrosive elements; but the anti-corrosion time is shorter. The pins using brass or phosphor bronze will be even better. Therefore, the material, the thickness of the silver-plated layer and its processing have become the key to determining the overall performance of the pin. In today's market, the thickness of the high-quality silver-plated on the market is more than 0.3 microns, which can even be separated from the inferior thickness. Three times the gap. The silver plating process also has a wide range of influences. Some pins are directly plated with silver, while some adopt a multi-layer electroplating process, which is nickel-plated or pre-coppered first.

   to the back is the conduction performance of the tact switch. Because in the physical structure, the tact switch relies on shrapnel and contacts to conduct, so the key to its influence lies in the structure of the contact point. Generally speaking, the larger the contact surface, the better, and the cross-shaped contact surface of the tact switch contacts of HRO Hanrong parts is a very good choice.