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Vibration switch used on the principle of vibrating alarm device

2022-10-07 08:57:55 bailing

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This device is a vibrating alarm, you can protect some important items which, when subjected to vibration protection items, it will immediately send an alarm sound, play a role in protection and remind articles owner. Once the vibration disappears, the device will automatically stop the alarm after a period of delay. How it works:

Schematics vibration alarm device as shown. It is mainly by the vibration switch, one-shot circuit, electronic switches, buzzer components.

SW-18010P is a vibration switch. The switch hold circuit is in a stationary state to "ON" state

State, if feel the vibration, and its working status will change, so each vibration once the switch is closed again, once the shaking stops, the switch has returned to the "on" state.

By IC, R3, C2 form a monostable circuit monostable delay time from when the object to be protected, did not receive vibration, the vibration switch SW-18010P decision.

Internal contact in a disconnected state. Then IC 2 feet high, so that the IC is in the reset state, 3-pin output low, and V reverse bias is turned off. So that B does not sound an alarm buzzer. If, when the object is subjected to vibration protection, switch S2 is turned on internal contacts. S2 is turned on in an instant, their negative pulse signal is applied to the IC coupled to electrical C1 2 feet, when the IC is triggered in temporarily stable stage, making three feet low to high transition, then V forward-biased conduction, so the B-alarm. Transient stability when the time comes, IC 3 feet from the high-to-low transition, thereby Offbeat automatically removed.