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What is the difference between a ball switch and a vibration switch?

2020-11-07 16:25:05 bailing

What is the difference between a ball switch and a vibration switch? To put it simply, just like turning on or turning off a light, the light will turn on when the switch touches the metal plate inside, and it will turn off when left. The ball switch also uses a similar principle. By making use of the rolling of the beads in the switch, making contact with metal terminals or changing the route of light travel, the effect of conduction or non-conduction can be produced.

Ball switch

     There are currently many different types of ball switches, including angle sensor switches, vibration sensors, centrifugal force sensors, and photoelectric ball switches. In the past, this type of switch was dominated by mercury switches, and mercury (mercury) was used as the touch element. However, since governments have successively banned mercury, the touch element has been replaced by a ball.

     The ball switch has a wide range of applications, such as: tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), bicycle lights, digital photo frame rotation, screen rotation, video lens flip, anti-theft system, etc. The ball switch is suitable for rotating occasions.

     The correct name of a vibration switch should be called a vibration sensor, which is an electronic switch that senses the magnitude of the vibration force and transmits the sensing result to the circuit device, and makes the circuit work. Some people call it a vibration switch, and some people call it a sliding switch or a shaking switch. In fact, these names are not entirely correct. The industry's name is generally divided into two categories, spring switches and ball switches.

     In fact, strictly speaking, the vibration switch should simply refer to the spring switch, not including the ball switch. The name of the vibration switch seems to be a typo caused by the homophony of "zhen" and "zhen". Due to the long time, it is also recognized by people as a typo. Strictly speaking, the name vibrating switch is wrong. Other names such as sliding switch, shaking switch, etc. should all refer to the ball switch.

     For convenience, the industry generally refers to the two categories of spring switches and ball switches as vibration switches. Vibration switches are mainly used in electronic toys, small household appliances, sports equipment, and various anti-theft devices. The vibration switch has become an indispensable electronic component in many electronic products because of its flexible and sensitive triggering.