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66 Waterproof tact switch detection, application and precautions

2020-11-11 10:29:31 bailing

66 waterproof tact switches, usually there are 6*6 waterproof tact switches, 6×6 waterproof tact switches, etc., whether it is 66, 6*6 or 6×6, it represents a waterproof tact switch specification size. There are many sizes of waterproof tact switches. 66 is the most common and widely used specification. The specifications and sizes of the waterproof tact switches required for different products are different.

1. Use force and resilience. Whether the operating force is within the 260±50f plan, is the resilience less than 50f.

Second, look at the appearance. The appearance should not have too much stains, the packaging should not be messy or the wrong packaging, the pins can not be oxidized, and the keys feel better.

3. Touch resistance. 5. ≥100mΩ (5VDC, 10Ma, 1000Hz) is not in the plan of the confession.

4. Structural dimensions. The length, width and height cannot exceed the planning in the specification.

5. Tin-dipping experiment. After the tin wetting test, the upper tin surface should be less than 80%.

6. There will be no damage when placed at about 1M under normal temperature water for about 30 minutes.

What are the applications of 66 waterproof tact switches

66 Waterproof Tact Switch Application 1. Electronic toys.

66 Waterproof tact switch application 2. Computer products: voice recorder, camera, etc.

66 Waterproof tact switch application 3. Communication products: building equipment, home landline, mobile phone, telephone, car phone, PDA, etc.

66 Waterproof tact switch application 4. Household appliances: TV, rice cooker, electronic fat scale, electronic human body scale, electric fan, electronic kitchen scale, microwave oven, etc.

66 Waterproof tact switch application 5. Digital products: digital SLR, digital video camera, etc.

66 Waterproof Tact Switch Application VI. Security products: video walkie-talkies, monitors, monitors, etc.

66 Waterproof tact switch application 7. Medical equipment: sphygmomanometer, clinical thermometer, hospital call system, etc.

66 Notes on the use of waterproof tact switches

Note 1. When operating the 66 waterproof tact switch, apply a load above the prescribed load, and the 66 waterproof tact switch may be damaged.

Note 2: When welding the terminals of the 66 waterproof tact switch, if a load is applied to the terminals, due to different conditions, there will generally be loosening, deformation and deterioration of electrical characteristics.

Note 3: Confirm the soldering conditions beforehand, otherwise the thermal stress will change when using the 66 waterproof touch switch through-hole printing circuit board and recommending the circuit board.

Note 4. When other loads are applied to the 66 waterproof tact switch, it should be confirmed separately. It is designed and manufactured under the condition of DC resistance load.

Note 5. The 66 waterproof tact switch should be confirmed beforehand, otherwise the materials around the whole machine emit corrosive gas, which may cause poor contact and other situations.

Note VI. Pay attention to the intrusion of foreign objects in places other than the enclosed type.

Note 7. When the 66 waterproof tact switch is welded twice, you should wait for the first welding to return to normal temperature before proceeding. Subsequent heating will deform the periphery, loosen the terminals, drop, and degrade electrical characteristics.

Note 8. Do not use it for mechanical viewing functions.

Note Nine. Avoid using the 66 waterproof tact switch to operate from the side.